Mechanical Contracting Services.

Mechanical Contracting

Mechanical Contracting Services

American Industrial Werks electrical contractors specialize in the planning, design and installation of electrical systems for commercial, industrial, and institutional, projects. They will also repair, service, and replace your equipment and its related components as needed. If you have run out of storage space, your machines and equipment will be safe at our facility until you are ready to put them to use.

HVAC: Plumbing:
Heat Pumps Water Heaters
Boilers Waste and Venting
Boiler Feed Pumps Storm Drains
Rooftop Units Roof Drains
Heat Pumps Sewage Pumps
Condensing Units Booster Pumps
Cooling Coils Circulating Pumps
Air & Water Chillers Grease Traps
Evaporative Coolers Fixtures & Faucets
Process Piping:  
Chilled Water  
Waste Water  
Compressed Air  
Natural Gas  
Vacuum Lines  

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